This morning we will know the winners of the Oscars.

But in this post I am not going to talk about actors or directors, but a detail of your organization.

On 2 August, with six months in advance, was announced at Ellen DeGeneres (pictured) as host of the Oscars 2014.

Sin however, less than three months for elections to the European Parliament, still the main Spanish political parties have closed their lists and, in the worst cases, still we do not know the head of the PP list andstill less, the candidate of the EPP to preside over the European Commission. until when will have to expect citizens to know lists and programs?

When on May 26 looking for the causes of the strong abstention, that someone also point the pasotismo parties and above all parties in the Government, traditionally punished in Europe.Paraphrasing Roberto Carlos, I wish that the European elections were as serious as the Oscars.

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