Five is a new cultural printed magazine. So new that still it has not come to the kiosks. Just now only it is possible to buy for Internet. But calm, there will come ” next week “, though not to all the bookshops.

Five is the result of the collaboration of 5 digital publications, specialized in the politics, the science, the design or in an alternative approach of the culture:

Politikon, that is defined as ” group of analysis on politics, social sciences and current importance. Founded in 2010. Politikon’s aim is to look at the reality from an analytical perspective and to debate offers for the progress of the company “.

Jot Down, where they believe that ” it is possible to analyze with humor the serious things, to approach the culture from another perspective … ”

Diary Kafka is the cultural section of

-Yorokobu is a publication in which ” we like the innovation, the inspiration, the tenedencias, the adventures of the entrepreneurs, the positive things that happen in the world and that nobody counts… And, definitively, the creativity.

Naukas is a ” Magazine of science, skepticism and humor.

Rafael Reig, Antonio Orejudo, Mar Abad collaborate, between others, Pedro Simón, Pepe Cervera or Kiko Llaneras.

Naturally, an article about Europe could not be absent. Cives signs ” The origins of the European crisis ” in that, among other things it is said:

” It Is frequent to load on the economic profession the whole weight of the responsibility (of the crisis). Nevertheless, with this text we try to illuminate an alternative thesis: that the crisis of the Euro is essentially a political phenomenon, both in his origins and in his routes of solution ” (p.226).


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