Arias Cañete is not a sauce

Seemingly, everything what makes a detour to Arias Cañete, at least from his appointment like head of list of the PP for the choices to the European Parliament (without mentioning yogures expired and cold showers), it looks like a sauce:

Rajoy was late, almost up to the legal limit, his appointment. In words of the own Cañete, he did not find out for Rajoy but for Cospedal’s SMS. The electoral, campaign totally unexpected and bordering on the scorn to the citizens, was a complete nonsense that culminated with his declarations machists towards Elena Valenciano.

After a pírrica victory of the PP, already we have Cañete in the European Parliament. Now it begins the second part, which is the most interesting: the battle for a good position in the European Commission. Rajoy plays to two bands: it loves Luis de Guindos in the Eurogroup and to Cañete in Competition. But clear, it is not possible to have everything at the same time.

It pleases Merkel de Guindos, but the same thing does not happen to him with Cañete. Juncker offers him in the first instance the portfolio of Investigation, Development and Innovation. Cañete’s response, for anger of thousands of Spanish investigators, does not make to him wait: ” this portfolio is an insult “.

It is necessary to continue the negotiations to satisfy the ego of Rajoy and of Cañete. Finally it seems that one finds a solution: Juncker offers the portfolio of Climate and Energy.

Here the sauce to stop having grace: The means attribute Cañete to be the maker of one more than polemic Law of coasts, of there be loading the industries of renewable energies in Spain – in which we were top – in benefit of the oil companies, in some of which, Cañete has occupied important charges and is a shareholder.

To wash his image before the examination of the European Parliament next October 1, Cañete (to which, only in spite of throwing a glimpse to the paragraph III of his Declaration of interests, it is possible to calculate a fortune of more than 600.000 €, without counting real estate) it has sold his actions in the petroleum ones and expects to be able to demonstrate that it of the machismo it is an infundio. In any case, the means indicate Cañete as the weakest link of the chain, which has more possibilities of being reproved by the European Parliament. Let’s hope that the sauce does not end in drama. Still it is possible to avoid this ” scandalous European mistake “.

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